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    Insider Info On Buying Vinyl
    Posted on Saturday, July 08 @ 14:40:39 EDT by steveoptix
    Topic: Tips and Tricks   Printer Friendly Page Send to a Friend

    Rare and hard to find dance vinyl can be found in some obscure places and some a lot more obvious. I have been fortunate enough to stumble upon some amazing sources of vinyl. A great place to start is with record shop bargain bins. I actually believe this is what gets you hooked on collecting, when you pick up a copy of Atlantic Ocean's - Waterfall on E-Bloc in mint condition for 50p, you want to run out into the street and tell someone but you can't because you always think that the record store has put it in bargain bin by mistake, (or is that just me?).

    Another excellent place is car boot sales. This may sound strange at first but when you consider that I once picked up a box of 100 Tony de vit/Jump Wax/Hard House promos for twenty quid, it makes you think again. It is very possible though that you can trudge round your local car boot early on a sunday in the rain for weeks before you find anything decent, but then one Sunday you can come home salivating over a huge pile of classic tunes, it does happen.

    Online Auctions are one of those rare places that you can find almost any tune you want. Easy to register as a buyer at no cost, dance vinyl goes on average for anything between fifty pence and a tenner for a decent tune. Click on the logo below to find out more.

    Charity shops are another great place mainly because they haven't got a clue. I recently discovered a charity shop about half a mile away from me that, once you've passed all the mankey clothes and kids toys, they have a huge set of record shelves with about 4000 tunes on them! I haven't been in their much recently though after having an argument with an old lady over a Jamie Myerson Cream Coloured 10" that she claimed was priced wrongly(!?).

    Record Fairs are great places. Take a day off and fill your pockets with some wedge, jump in your motor and at the end of the day you can be sitting at home with a fat pile of tunes you've been after for ages. Fairs happen up and down the country usually once a week or fortnight, also there are some major one-off events at Wembley Arena etc. Many specialise in purely dance music, try some of these links to find out what's happening near you. www.vip-24.com, www.tvmusicuk.com and www.moremusic.co.uk/links/uk_fair.htm.

    Buying and selling. One of the best methods so far to find some of those records that have eluded you for years. When I first started buying records in '88 I couldn't for the life of me work out how someone could enjoy selling records, when I started selling records myself about a year ago I found out very quickly why.

    I started to sell some of the bargain records I had found, on the internet. Very quickly the demand increased and my record finding skills were suddenly much needed. The more journeys out to find records to buy and sell, the more of the records I'd wanted for a while started turning up, I even taught my Fiance, Caroline, some of the more well known record labels so she could come bargain hunting with me, and in next to no time she was pulling out absolute classics!

    Further to this, I started to buy collections of people, it's brilliant, keep the ones you want and sell the rest!

    If you want some free webspace to sell your old vinyl try www.netfirms.com, and if you want to get a free domain name got to www.shorturl.com. And finally if you want some well designed free page templates go to www.elated.com.

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